PCI DSS Compliance for Secure Telephone Call Recording

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You think your company is recording telephone calls to improve customer service – but you could end up breaking the law without even knowing … Most organisations are keen to keep within the law. After all, there can be hefty fines and bad publicity for those who stray outside.  Undoubtedly, as an upstanding company, you will be doing all you can to stay within the law, and will stamp out any behaviours or activities that are

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Connecting Birmingham – one landmark at a time.

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  Our latest coverage in the Birmingham Post, explaining how CDI has grown over the past 30 years into a multi-million pound, international enterprise, providing IT infrastructure services, including telecommunications and technology connections for businesses world-wide.

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CDIComms predicts: telecoms 2017

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When it comes to telecoms 2017 will be a fast-moving year. Not only are there advances in hardware, but telecoms systems as a whole will be far more agile, with cloud-based technology leading the way.  Here are a few highlights of what we can expect next year:   Your standard PBX hardware will move from being a box on the wall, into the server cabinet. What does this mean? PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.  Traditionally

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Panasonic UC Pro Review

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Review: Panasonic – UC Pro The Panasonic UC Pro is the latest CTI application for PC, MAC and Mobile.   How did the team at CDI Comms get on when they tested out the Panasonic UC Pro? Paul Bevington opens the door to the CDI Comms Test Lab, and spills the beans: “We installed the Panasonic UC Pro solution in our purpose-built lab. The application service sits on a Windows Server 2012 R2 or later platform.

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How SIP Trunking or VOIP saves you money on your phone bills

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Sip Trunking has finally come of age As with everything these days, technology is being replaced by newer and cheaper alternatives. Telephone lines are no different. In 2015 BT announced that in 2025 will see the ‘End of Life’ for  ISDN (digital telephone lines). The replacement for this technology is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks, an internet based telephone line.  SIP Trunking, or just SIP trunks for short. Let’s be honest…. We’ve only really started recommending

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CDI Comms Maintenance Portal – there for you 24/7/365

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Telecoms should NEVER go down, we get that. And our track record is excellent. However, sometimes the unthinkable happens despite all our best intentions. (We are realistic as well as perfect) This is when good Maintenance support is required. In a telecoms emergency, most people want to know what’s going on RIGHT NOW!   After all your business depends on communications. And, that’s why we’ve set up a fully integrated Telecoms Maintenance Panel This isn’t just a

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Are you totally reliant on your telecoms system?

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We have just found this blog, lurking on LinkedIn and decided to share it. It protrays the agony and issues with having a telecoms system that’s not quite perfect. Well the rest is history – feel free to read: It was only when disaster struck, that I realised just how reliant I am on my phone system. Now first of all let me just explain – I work for myself, at home. I have a broadband connection via

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How to gain time, eliminate risk AND make your business more effective.

10th Aug, 2016 - by e4k - Leave a Comment

Southern Railway’s historic 5-day strike this August, serves as a stark reminder – if you don’t have an effective remote working system in place, then your entire business is at the mercy of a much wider transport system!   A system that can strike, at very short notice. And nobody can afford that! Sure, for some people there are alternative commute options.  But these can add time, costs and may not be reliable.  For many, an alternative

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Mitel: Latest SIP Handset 6873i

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The 6873i is the latest SIP phone to come out of Mitel.                 Well I’ve had this Mitel handset for about a week now, so it’s time to review it properly, warts ‘n’ all. My initial thought as I unpacked it was “this looks and feels like quality”.  It certainly has a good weight to it which make it feel substantial and robust. I was particularly impressed at the

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Panasonic UC Pro

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  Panasonic UC-Pro – works on Windows and MAC operating systems.   CDI Comms the leading business telecoms company announces it will be one of the first to receive and test one of the few Business phone systems able to work on Windows and MAC operating systems. The UC Pro for the Panasonic NS700 and NS1000 business phone system is released this week with just a few select partners chosen to review them. “The flexibility that

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