Business Telecoms Lines and Calls

8th Feb, 2016 - in All Blogs - by e4k


Business telecoms lines and calls.

I have spent a decade selling business telecoms calls and lines to clients throughout the UK. Whilst doing this the technology has changed but the selling and “bundling” tactics of the industry in general has not.
With the mis-selling tactics and complexity of the Electricity and Gas industries coming under fire from the media, I’m fairly certain it won’t be long before the business telecoms industry and its traditionally bundled minutes deals are soon in the spotlight.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe and can prove that bundling minutes for some business telecom customers can be the most cost-effective route. However it is definitely not the answer for all.
For too long the business  telecoms industry as a whole has relied on the fact that for a client to get to grips with the call elements can be complex and time consuming. Added to this, many customers start off wanting bundled minutes to give them a consistent expenditure to budget with – and get stuck on this bundled package, with no thought (or supplier encouragement) to examine exactly what their needs are as the company evolves.

What are business bundled minutes?

In short this is a package of minutes that a customer buys, that guarantees them X minutes per month at a specific cost.

Why are they so popular?

The short answer to this is that bundled minutes work well FOR THE SELLER in almost every case. Not surprisingly, sellers will encourage business telecom clients to go onto bundled minutes, and once the client is on a bundle package they are hardly ever encouraged to review their package.

Here’s how they benefit the sellers, and cost the customer more:

A business telecoms bundle package means your cost every month is “X”. So even in months like December where call traffic is considerable less your cost will still be “X”… but the cost to the supplier will be dramatically reduced which means they win and you lose.
(Saying this if you are a heavy user of the phone which in most cases is call centres only then a packaged deal may work out well but you have to ensure you are using all your allocated minutes.)