CDI Comms Maintenance Portal – there for you 24/7/365

19th Sep, 2016 - in All Blogs - by CDI-Andrew

Telecoms should NEVER go down, we get that. And our track record is excellent. However, sometimes the unthinkable happens despite all our best intentions. (We are realistic as well as perfect) This is when good Maintenance support is required.

In a telecoms emergency, most people want to know what’s going on RIGHT NOW!   After all your business depends on communications. And, that’s why we’ve set up a fully integrated Telecoms Maintenance Panel

This isn’t just a standard “report your fault” or “raise a ticket” offer (though you can do those things too!). This is actually a fully integrated Maintenance Panel, where you can access all the latest information that could make an instant difference to your telecoms.

  • Create a new ticket – and our intelligent panel will instantly give you specifically targeted information to fix your issue or answer your question. No trawling through hundreds of FAQs.
  • Change requests – at the flick of a switch you can escalate issues, monitor incidents and change requests.
  • View Existing Tickets – see updates in real time, to discover what we have done and what stage the project is at.
  • Download handset user guides and easy to follow “How to” documents. If you still can’t find what you need, then raise a ticket and we will create the document for you.


All these facilities are available to CDI Comms Gold Maintenance customers – and hundreds of them benefit from our easy, accessible, intelligent service every year.

If you an existing CDI Comms Gold Maintenance customer and don’t have your user name and password, please contact us today.

How to Access Maintenance Self Service Portal

Go to Support on the CDI Comms Website (

On the Support page click on the Customer Portal Cloud







To Enter a new Incident or change request please click on “Create Request” on the left hand side


On the next screen you will be asked some questions, this will include;

  • Contact Number
  • Attachments (If you have any files or screen shots for us to see)
  • Type (Is it a fault or request)
  • Customer Reference (if you use your own service desk you can insert your reference number here)
  • Description (This is where you will add all the detail of the fault or change request. This is important for you to include all details of the ticket including any onsite contact or details of the user who is having the issue. The greater detail CDI have at this point the quicker CDI will be able to resolve your issue – whether that is by sending out an engineer, calling you back or even resolving your issue within seconds as the system produces the document straight away.)



Once all details are filled out please click on the save icon on the top right hand side of the box.

When save is clicked a detailed box will come up showing you a snap shot of your contact request.


This will include details such as ref number (You will need this if you would like to call us to discuss or get an update) and status. Status will be “NEW” when you have first added the call, this will change to “Open” (Engineer has picked the ticket up) and “Closed” (The ticket has been resolved and closed) as the tickets goes through the CDI Comms process.

If you wish to add an update to the ticket, for example if the fault has got worse or has now cleared, please click on the “add update” button on the top right hand side


If you have multiple tickets open at the same time you can click on My Request tab on the left hand side and that will show you all your open tickets;


If you would like to see tickets that are closed, please choose this from the drop down options at the top labelled Status.


If you have logged into the system and would like to view user guides and how to documents, please click on the “Articles” tab on the left hand side.


This will bring up a full list of user guides and how to documents for your use. Double click on the item you want and then “General Properties” you will then see the attachment file you can download.