Jabra Biz 2400 Series Headsets

11th Nov, 2015 - in All Blogs - by e4k

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Jabra Biz 2400 Series Headsets

More and more businesses are using headsets especially with how technology and the digital age is growing at such a vast rate.

All the time headsets are forever expanding and becoming more user friendly and there is now a headset to suit everyone’s needs.

So why choose the Jabra 2400 headset and who it is best used for?

The Jabra 2400 headset is best used for calls and contact centres. This is because with the number of people that hot desk, join or leave and are on the phone a lot. It is a very suitable price and easy to change parts to reuse and give to someone else or to replace if it is broken. The headset can be plugged into either a desk phone or a PC (Soft phones) which makes it useful in almost any company.

With the amazing noise cancelling feature on all headsets it will reduce the length of calls and improve call quality for your customers and give them a better calling experience. Statistics will be improved and staff and customer moral will increase.

Each headset undergoes a number of vigorous tests for performance and durability for each different section of the headset before it is distributed out to resellers.


See below the specifications of the Jabra 2400 series headset and what makes it so unique!

  • X3 wearing styles for monaural headsets only. Specially designed T-bar to prevent the headset getting tangled in your hair
  • Gold contacts for crystal clear voice transmission
  • Improved noise cancelling microphones
  • Break-proof free 360 degree rotating boom
  • Surgical steel (used for medical equipment) for maximum strength and cleanliness
  • Ultra-strong Kevlar-reinforced cords
  • Super soft ear cushions
  • Clothing clip with ID tag to personalise with your name, picture or both
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Superior audio with Neodymium speakers used in high end speaker systems
  • Not much support needed as easy to connect and very durable

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