Panasonic UC Pro Review

16th Nov, 2016 - in All Blogs - by CDI-Andrew

Review: Panasonic – UC Pro

The Panasonic UC Pro is the latest CTI application for PC, MAC and Mobile.

Uc Pro


How did the team at CDI Comms get on when they tested out the Panasonic UC Pro? Paul Bevington opens the door to the CDI Comms Test Lab, and spills the beans:

“We installed the Panasonic UC Pro solution in our purpose-built lab. The application service sits on a Windows Server 2012 R2 or later platform.

“My personal thoughts on the installation process as an engineer, is that this is a customer-focused and sturdy system. The way each service sits on top of each other to give the end user full features is intuitive and if you follow the correct process it is straight forward. If you do not wish to use the mobile integration then the service can sit on a PC running windows 7 (i5 Processor, 250Gb space and 8Gb ram).

“When it came to trying out the end user application installation, this was also well designed and the system can be installed on each PC separately or even rolled out over a network. The PC installation is very simple and all you need to know is your extension number and PIN number (If you have not set a password up then don’t worry, the pc application can create a new one if one is not already setup. No need to go back to the server and set a password. I’m giving it 5 stars out of 5 for this GREAT ENGINEERING FEATURE). When installing you don’t even need to remember the server IP address or domain name as Panasonic have built a server search which will look for the UC Pro server on the network.

“My thought on the end user PC application is this is a clear, simple and no-fuss app. It gives you the ability to have a straightforward and clean CTI application to talk to other co-workers or call externally by CTI using your desk or soft phone.

“One of the most clever and useful features is the ability to connect your mobile to the application via Bluetooth. When doing this, it will also show details on your PC of any contacts calling you even on your mobile number as well as keeping a log of your calls.

PC application give you features as;

  • Video and Audio
  • Screen sharing with screen control
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence (ability to set yourself and busy)
  • Calendar integration (will automatically set you as busy when in meeting)
  • Mobile Bluetooth Integration


Our star rating for PC & Mac UC Pro






Mobile Application

The mobile application including iPad follows the same clean look as its PC counterpart. Very simple to install by downloading from either Apple App Store or Google Play.





Perhaps the biggest missing feature is the ability to use your mobile application to call external numbers using mobile data or wifi. Currently, the application needs to use the GSM network to make external calls. We have been informed that the feature to call external using the UC Pro application is well on its way and should be with the UK by end of second quarter.

The UC Pro mobile application still gives you the ability to have video and audio conversations with other UC Pro users within your organisation as well as instant messaging and presence.

Mobile application features:

  • Video and audio
  • Screen sharing with screen control
  • Instant messaging
  • Presence (ability to set yourself as “busy”)
  • Calendar integration (automatically sets you as busy when in meeting)



Our star rating for Mobile & Tablet Pro