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10th Aug, 2016 - in All Blogs - by e4k

Southern Railway’s historic 5-day strike this August, serves as a stark reminder – if you don’t have an effective remote working system in place, then your entire business is at the mercy of a much wider transport system!   A system that can strike, at very short notice.

Man waiting for train if only he had a remote working system

And nobody can afford that!

Sure, for some people there are alternative commute options.  But these can add time, costs and may not be reliable.  For many, an alternative is not available at all.   And consider the stress that people suffer after a disrupted journey to work, getting up earlier, finding earlier childcare…   Well let’s face it, they are not going to be arriving fresh as a daisy and ready to get down to business, are they?   This lack of efficiency is costing your business money.

So what’s the alternative?

An effective remote working system, designed and implemented by CDI Comms gives you back the flexibility and reliability that you need to run your business.

Added to this, our systems provide full accountability of staff and work times, whilst they are teleworking from home.  And as for your staff – they will be feeling full of energy and far more efficient.

Remote Working System.

CDI Comms provides a full package enabling you to keep control of your business and never be at the mercy of transport systems again.

Our support services are flexible, and we will help you to put together a home-working, teleworking, remote-working or integrated mobile working solution for your teams.  Whether you want to implement this on an ongoing basis, or just be ready for emergencies.

Contact us for more information.

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  1. The strike may have been called off but the article makes total sense…remote working systems can save a company time and money. It’s interesting to note that they can be employed as a back up plan for events beyond a companies control. Employees unable to get in due to snow or childcare issues can simply jump onto the remote working system and work from home and it’s all accountable.