All businesses need broadband for their efficient running, but sometimes you don’t feel like you’re getting what you’ve paid for!  Broadband lines can promise one thing, but delivery can be a very different matter.

Save money and be more efficient with your broadband.

Are you a time-bound business, where every second counts?  Do you work 24/7, and require out of hours broadband access?  Or are you one of the many businesses who have specific needs at specific times? Like early-morning and late afternoon emailing sessions. Do you suffer when the schools close and children get home and get online – suddenly everyone starts using up the internet bandwidth, and you’re left high and dry with important internet research or emails to send.
There is a solution:
Let CDI analyse your broadband requirements and propose the right solution for you. We can create a broadband strategy that will work with your business to create all the bandwidth you need.  Consistent user access and happy clients.  Saving money as your staff aren’t sitting around waiting for uploads and downloads.  Being altogether more professional with swifter response times.

CDI offer a wide range of broadband to fit all needs.
Available services and packages are;
Unlimited Broadband
Unlimited Broadband Office
Broadband Lite – HCA
Broadband Active – HCA
Broadband Pro – HCA
Fibre to Cabinet (FTTC)
This can go up to 76Mb depending on your standard phone line.
Fibre to the Premises with 12 month contract.


Fibre 1
Unlimited FIbre 1
Unlimited Fibre 2
Unlimited Fibre Office

Our rates are highly competitive, including connection fee and monthly rental.  We can also offer PSTN rental or router hardware.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

End the frustration of shared bandwidth.  Rather than suffering the slow-down of shared timing, by having your own uncontested broadband.
EFM gives you your own dedicated 20Mb line, which will never dip below 20Mb

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network

Multiple sites and dedicated links?  This will give you a dedicated broadband link that guarantees high bandwidth and consistency of communication.