Leased Lines.

Birmingham based CDI comms offers the most competitive lease lines services, with a leading telecoms service that is second to none.

Businesses often only appear as effective as their communications! So don’t be held back by insufficient, unprofessional or just plain inadequate communications. And far from being an option that only large companies can afford – now CDI is making leased lines affordable for all.


Why a leased line?

A leased line is a private link. unlike broadband, you don’t share the bandwidth and we guarantee the speeds. So finally you can relax when you need to do that all important research, essential downloads or uploads.  With a leased line you are no longer at the mercy of others who share your bandwidth.
You can choose whatever speed you want, for example 10mb or 100mb.
With a government grant you may be entitled to free installation. Contact Us today to find out if you are eligible for the government grant. (Please Note this has been suspended by the government and may be restarted in the near future).

We’re National

CDI’s reach is national.  You don’t have to be a Birmingham, Worcester or West Midlands company to deal with us – we have clients all over the country.