White Label Telecom Installations

CDI Comms offer a white label telecoms installation and maintenance service to any resellers who don’t have the engineering resource or skills to install any of the following systems;

  • Panasonic NS700
  • Panasonic NS1000PanasonicPanasonic NCP
  • Panasonic TDE
  • Panasonic TDA
  • Mitel 415
  • Mitel 430
  • Mitel 470
  • Aastra Intelligate

It may be that you are too busy, over-booked and under-resourced, or that holiday season has clashed with a large booking or telephone installation. It’s also possible that an emergency situation means you are a few engineers down. When it comes to professional telecoms services, why not let CDI Comms take the strain?

Our qualified and experienced engineers will fulfil the installation jobs that you need to deliver on.  We will ensure that the customer is satisfied and that the job is completed to a highly satisfactory and professional standard.

CDI comms is part of the CDI Group which has been in business since 1987, building a reputation of quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction, with companies all over the world.

How our white label telecoms service works:

CDI will turn up to site with either a plain black polo t-shirt or a Panasonic black t-shirt. We can if required also be wearing your company tops. Mitel

Ahead of an installation we will contact your customer as you to ensure the installation goes and smooth as possible giving your company the best image.

If maintaining the system is an issue CDI can also maintain your customer by giving you a dedicated maintenance number. We will then be able to answer all calls using this number presenting us as a part of you. For example “Hello, White label telecoms”.

CDI White label telecoms will go even further and offer you professional advice (Pre-Sales) if required because we work as a partnership with you.


Let CDI Comms be part of your telecoms team

When you want to grow your telecoms business, but you don’t want to invest in employing staff right now, we can help you expand by being an ad-hoc resource for your company.  You’ll never have to turn a job down again, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that our excellent work and sterling reputation will be at your service.