How SIP Trunking or VOIP saves you money on your phone bills

28th Oct, 2016 - in All Blogs - by CDI-Andrew

Sip Trunking has finally come of age

As with everything these days, technology is being replaced by newer and cheaper alternatives. Telephone lines are no different. In 2015 BT announced that in 2025 will see the ‘End of Life’ for  ISDN (digital telephone lines). The replacement for this technology is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks, an internet based telephone line.  SIP Trunking, or just SIP trunks for short.

Smart Money

Talk to CDI Comms to see how much you’ll save with SIP Trunking?

Let’s be honest….

We’ve only really started recommending SIP Trunks to our clients in the last year – that’s because until very recently, SIP Trunks have had a terrible reputation for dropping phone calls and bad speech.  (What many people don’t realise is that this was not down to the SIP technology but down to the internet network infrastructure in the UK).

Now, however, with the UK seeing a massive improvement in internet speeds, a wide spread availability of Fibre and the price of leased line falling (at time of writing a 30mb leased line on a 100mb bearer costs as little as £250 a month) SIP Trunking is coming into its own.  And we are finally happy to recommend switching to SIP Trunks.

SIP Trunking offers massive cost benefits:

So, what are the benefits of SIP trunks

  • Cheaper Line Rental (around £7.50 rather than typically £12.50 per line per month for ISDN)
  • Cheaper costs (Generally around a 50% saving)
  • Flexibility (you could have 10 lines this month, 5 lines the next month and 20 the month after. This makes SIP Trunking an excellent option for Schools and seasonal businesses)
  • The ability to keep your current telephone number, even if you move.
  • The ability to buy numbers from outside of your area. (You could have a US number even if your offices are in Oldbury.
  • The ability to have premium number such as 03xxxxx
  • Automatic Fail – switching over to another line should there be a problem

SIP Trunks are the future

With ISDN lines coming to an end, we soon won’t have a choice, and whether we like on not we will all have to move in to the cloud.   However with all the benefits SIP Trunks offer – why wait?  You can save yourself a substantial amount just by making the switch earlier.

And SIP Trunks are now good to go!

Here at CDI we have migrated 100’s of lines easily and with no issues.  We have clients who are happily enjoying their savings, and getting great call quality too.

The next steps to switch to SIP trunking

Of course, there are plenty of choices.  You might decide to go for a wholesale switchover, or you might want to test SIP Trunking by just moving a few lines over. Some of our clients tried with a few outbound call lines first, then moved the rest of their lines over once they were satisfied.

Here’s an outline of the process:

  • Contact CDI Comms for initial discussion and a quote
  • We will assign you a project Manager who will sort out all the back-office requirements
  • You choose a date for the migration
  • We ensure an engineer is on site that day to configure your telephone system
  • We will test your new line with you.
  • You start saving money

If you would like to find out more, please call us on 0330 400 2014 (our SIP trunk number)