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Mitel Telecom

CDI Comms is set up to provide the very best in Business Telephone Systems in Birmingham and the Midlands.  We have partnered with top names, including Mitel and Panasonic, which means the hardware we can offer (telephones, handsets, accessories and wiring) are second to none.

We don’t just install telecoms systems, we work with our customers to identify their needs  first.  We will sit down with you and create a plan to take your business forward.  To ensure that your communications needs are at the centre of your organisation, and that whatever you require, our solution is integrated, well designed and thought through with your business needs firmly at the core of the final offering.

As leading Birmingham Technical Partners to both Mitel and Panasonic we can offer the best leading telecoms solutions including VoIP and SIP services.


VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.  It’s pronounced “Voyp”, and offers a number of benefits.

  • No engaged tones, or the appearance of phone lines being busy
  • It’s much cheaper than standard lines
  • You can have an extension (or more) for every user
  • Use local telephone numbers


SIP is short for Session Initiation Protocol. It is often referred to as SIP trunking, which means that the phone line is effectively replaced by a phone line over the internet.

We install and maintain a wide range of business telephone systems

Systems include:

Panasonic Phone System


As a Birmingham company with a great pedigree (established in 1987) we pride ourselves on designing and installing the best and right technology for every customer. We visit all our clients and ask questions to ensure they are getting the right system for their needs.  Questions and processes may include:

  1. What existing telephone system or services are in place
  2. Discuss what features are required, and we’re happy to provide you with a guide of what’s available
  3. Discuss how the existing system is letting you down
  4. Look at the best solution from our produce portfolio including possible meetings with the manufacturers
  5. Present the new solution and key benefits

When you’ve previously considered telecommunications systems you’ve probably noticed there are a number of buzz words like SIP, VoIP and Unified Communications. At CDI we make sure the solution sold is the right one for you and not offer you a solution just because it is the buzz word of the moment.

SIP can reduce telecoms costs, but we also need to ensure you have t

he internal network and WAN (Internet) speeds to ensure speech performance is not reduced or even lost.

All the telephone systems CDI sell are fully compatible with all technology ranging from ISDN telephone lines to SIP phone systems.


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