Panasonic UC Pro – takes integrated communications to a whole new level.


The Panasonic UC Pro is no ordinary telecoms system – it is a desktop instant messaging, mobility, Video pc-uc-proChat, contact and a calendar integration system.  It is a multi-device, flexible contact system, that ensures you can stay in touch…quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

 Manage your employees and your business wherever you are.  Stay connected and stay current with Panasonic UC Pro.



ucpro016_1441345415Anna – your sales manager likes to put information straight into your calendar.  Your fast-moving industry means that your diary gets booked up fast, so it’s useful to have everything available from one portal.  And immediacy is essential.


The design team – they are always using videos to show you their latest updates.  It means you can assess

things quickly, and then they can send files straight to your computer.



Nick is your top salesperson. He spends a lot of time travelling so accessing all his information on the go, whilst contacting you and the design team saves him time, and often means he can sell a new product before it’s even hit production.


tablet_gui_1443781160Jan is often abroad on conferences.   Communicating can be difficult especially when he has low signal.  But with Panasonic UC, you can text him straight from your desktop, and keep full records of all texts sent and received.



Maximise your communications, easily


The best thing is that the Panasonic UC integrates into your existing system with utmost ease. And you don’t have to change your PBX to benefit from its amazing features.

With high-speed connection, your communication quality can be vastly improved – never miss another buying signal again!

Multi-device connection – so you talk how you want, when you want.  Office, car, home or travelling.

Save costs, save time.

  •  Integrate immediately, and cost-effectively
  • Keep records together, instead of managing multiple devices and storage systems
  • Integrate meetings, video calls, diary and mobile communications
  • File texts and all mobile coms meaningfully

Ideal for people who need to stay in touch.

Never miss an important call, message or video chat again.

Multi-Device, multi-OS UC Pro supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android.


Panasonic UC Pro is designed to use Windows and provides a range of collaborative functions which include unified messaging, large-capacity call functions, messaging, presence, and shared directories.


Panasonic UC Pro also supports the Mac OS, offering a range of solutions.*

Smartphone & Tablet

Mobile system users can communicate from the same account as their PC, so you can maximise your business on the move.



Scalable and effective

The Panasonic UC Pro is the perfect solution for small and medium sized business, right up to larger enterprises, government organisations and multi-office global businesses.

*Some functions are not supported by Mac.


Because being successful in business requires so much more than just standard telecoms…

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Fast UC Pro facts at a glance.

Up to 2500 user capacity

Bringing fast, easy connection to your lines

and across your business.


Automatically record your entire call history.

Instantly check previous call recordings.


Easily view all your missed calls.

Leave an out-of-office notification.


Record all your schedules.

Receive pop-up notifications.


Pair with your PBX extensions.

Switch to an outside line with one click.

Mobile integration

Easy connection to your phone and sharing

of contacts.

Integrated Calendar

Simple integration with Microsoft Exchange


Voice call

Quick and accurate dialling straight from your


Text chat

Simpler and more accurate than email.

Audio chat

Smooth easy voice communication.

Instantly share information through group chat.

Video chat

Remote meetings whenever they’re needed.

Reduce travel and out-of-office time.


Share your location and see where others are.


Register your frequently used contacts for

instant recall.


Quickly find contacts from your datasources. Easily share directories with others.