Data Networks

CDI Comms is part of CDI group, and Data Networks are at the core of the entire group offering. Our products and services are supplied internationally, and we install massive data networking solutions on an almost daily basis.


You can access CDI Group expertise through CDI comms, when we offer the small to medium data networks giving throughput of up to 10Gbps. Or book your Data Network directly.


Data networks are the backbone of our Birmingham based, but internationally accredited business.  Many organisations use their data network for numerous business-tools including:

  • Account Software
  • Voice
  • PDQ (Credit Cards)draytek
  • Alarms (IP Redcare)
  • Purchase Orders via email

CDI looks at the bigger picture to ensure all aspects are covered such as;

  • PoE requirements
  • Speed to desk requiredCisco
  • Speed to Core Switch and Servers
  • Diverse routing
  • Segmenting network
  • Fibre

We have widespread knowledge within CDI Group we can also not only offer the data switch’s but also the data infrastructure (CAT 5e, 6 and Fibre).


Data networks have become the life artery of business with key business tools running over every data network.  For a smooth-running, highly efficient business – a smooth-running, highly efficient data network is essential.