Hosted telecoms and cloud telephone systems

CDI Comms already supplies numerous companies with the ability to enjoy hosted telephone and cloud telecoms. Organisations including financial sectors, retail, B2B, technology, service industries and leading edge blue-chip companies are enjoying the benefits of Cloud and Hosted Telephony.

So why is Cloud so important when it comes to Telecoms?

Not only does cloud and hosted telecoms help an organisation to save money, save time and save resources, it also reduces the complexity of a service.

Many organisations now need the flexibility that the Cloud provides, enabling people to work remotely, smaller-off-site services and relocatable working when people are on site or off site.

Cloud Telecoms means that a resilient and flexible service can be provided, enabling busiensses to enjoy the flexibility of immensely expandable networks, designed to flex with their business needs and promotional campaigns.  For example switching a business from standard call-centre, into taking millions of call minutes each month without any changes to hardware.

Cloud Telecoms

In short Cloud Telecoms helps you save money, save resources and reduce complexity. The in-built flexibility allows for swift business growth and enables businesses to maximise the opportunities for expansion.

If you would like to discover how your organisation can slash costs, build in flexibility and improve resilience by moving telecoms to the cloud – call CDI Comms now.