New Panasonic Phone Systems – available from CDI Comms

As a leading Panasonic Distributor and Installer, our Birmingham office is delighted to announce the arrival of some exciting launches from Panasonic.

Panasonic NSX1000/2000 – the flexible and accommodating telephone system for your business.

The Panasonic NSX1000 & 2000 are the latest Panasonic phone systems to be released.

This latest communication server has the compatibility to expand up to 1000 users (NSX1000) or 2000 users (NSX2000).  So it’s flexible and convenient – and can easily accommodate most businesses.

Panasonic NSX1000

Panasonic NSX1000

Ideal for multisite and remote working

Both the new NSX1000 & NSX2000 offer customers the very best in latest technology including VoIP and SIP along with multisite and remote workers.


Panasonic NSX2000

Panasonic NSX2000

Bang up to date – but don’t throw out your old tech!

As well as offering customers the very best in latest technology, Panasonic understands that companies often need to keep their legacy technology as well.

Panasonic’s NSX 1000 and 2000 systems have the ability to connect both analogue and digital devices.  This means you can upgrade your system without needing to change all your handsets.   Upgrades are now fully-flexible so you don’t have to spend money on new technology, or areas of the business that don’t need upgrading, when your old tech is perfectly fine!

And get your voicemails, on 128 ports!

Another major increase in the capacity of the NSX1000 & 2000 compared to the existing NS1000 and 700 solutions is within the voice mail. On a single NS1000 you can get 24 ports of voice mail and NS700 the voice mail ports are up to 24 (a port is used each time someone accesses their personal voice mail or auto attendant), the NSX1000 and 2000 has 128 ports of voice mail on a single system.

Confidence in a reliable backup system

The Panasonic NSX1000 and NSX2000 have a true reliable backup system, a backup system can be running next to the live system running in ideal mode and constantly being updated as the live system changes. If you ever have an issue where your live system was to fail, then the backup system would take over the faulty live system.

Serviceability and remote access

For your convenience and peace of mind, the NSX1000 and 2000 are expertly configured so that a Panasonic technician can access your system remotely via the Panasonic Cloud on a secure connection. This allows true support of the system including taking backups of system configuration. This gives the IT manager the peace of mind that the network security is not compromised.


Panasonic NSX1000 & 2000s give customers the true functionality with mobile devices. Panasonic DECT technology offers warehouse and roaming staff full features to a mobile handset that can be used around the office or even multiple offices on a one look network.

Mobile integration allows remote users to have the full Panasonic NSX system features at their fingertips on Apple and Android mobile phones. This enable remote users such as sales staff the