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A little more about CDI and mobiles

CDI comms is a mobile and business telecoms supplier of choice for many businesses in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands.  The company provides a tailored and bespoke service to customers, ensuring that each customer gets the best possible deal for their needs at any time. Whether you’re looking for a mobile phone deal, a great bundle of minutes or support in your telecoms and integrated communications.

We’ll visit you to help you with your telecoms

Unlike many phone “shops”, we operate by coming out to visit and getting to know our customers.  We have been in telecoms for a long time (our group CDI Group was established in 1987) and we’re often able to save companies money, support their technology, give them hints and tips on getting the best from their deals and ensure that they are on the best tarrifs.

Now – you can see what we offer on mobile phone deals – we also provide THE BEST deals on landlines and broadband.

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