Call Recording and Logging


CDI Comms, the Midlands telecoms specialists is a registered partner and installer of Tri-Line phone system call logging and recording software.

With the user friendly interface, Tri Line delivers all your call reporting needs in a clear and centralised locations.

Tri-Line have two call logging products available with a call recording option that fits both.


Standard Call Logging


TIM Plus is a simplified version of our TIM Enterprise product. It focuses on the needs of tim_plus_infsmall to medium enterprises. It provides a single, unified management and reporting interface for up to 400 users on up to five PBXs.

Using a simple, intuitive, cross-browser compatible web interface, TIM Plus shields the user from the underlying complexity of its powerful call processing engine and multitude of modern features.

Start Small

Out of the box, the standard configuration allows you to log up to 100 users on up to five PBXs. The initial capacity of up to 100 users can be spread in any configuration across these five PBXs with NO site license fees.

As you expand, upgrading is easy, simply purchase additional capacity in blocks of 100 users.

Easy Access

TIM Standard

Reports, graphs and admin services are all accessible using just a standard web browser. No external client software is required.

We’ve combined the magic of modern web techniques with a clean, crisp look and feel, to make every single aspect of administering your call logger a breeze.

And it’s easy to delegate, too. By simply adding a new web user to the system,

the administrator gives individuals the secure access they need. Users can be restricted to specific parts of the business, with all access controlled by their standard web login.

Delegated web users can run ad-hoc and scheduled reports, their scope being limited to their group membership.


Enterprise Call Logging


Echo is the call recording module that can be incorporated into either TI

M Plus or TIM Enterprise in order to provide a fully integrated call logging and recording solution.

It can be attached to either ISDN, Analogue or SIP lines. Any phone call going over those channels is intercepted, recorded, then sent to our call logger to be attached as just another property of the logged call.

How does it work?TIM ENT

Unlike other call recording systems, each call’s audio is linked to the person not the phone line, making it very easy to locate calls. This is made possible by reconciling the detailed phone call information that the call logger gets from your phone system(s), with each call recording event from the phone lines.

Record VoIP/SIP

For VoIP (SIP) channels, a PC with a standard network interface card (NIC) ca

n be used to capture the voice packets from strategic points in your voice network. If many simultaneous VoIP calls are expected, a dedicated computer with multiple NICs becomes necessary.

Build a solution

CDI can create a solution for you – or we will show you how to simply build your own solution by choosing your preferred call logging platform (TIM Plus or Enterprise) and then adding the hardware and/or software required to record any combination of lines across any number of sites.

Access to all calls and their associated recordings is via any standard web browser.

You can now get the voice recordings of all calls from any combination of any of the following lines:

    • ISDN30 / PRI
    • ISDN2 / BRI
    • SIP VOIP calls
    • Cisco Skinny calls (SCCP)
    • POTS/Analogue phone lines


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