Unified Communications

Connectivity is the secret to business success.  Today business has to be flexible, fast and move with the requirements and availability of technology.  Until recently telecoms was fairly simple – land lines and mobile. Now it’s got the potential to be even more simple – but it does take some planning to begin with!

Let CDI Comms work with you to design a fully integrated or unified Voicemailcommunications strategy.  We will plan both business requirements and tools.  For example:

Modern business communication demands a host of tools, including

  • desk and mobile phones
  • voicemail to email
  • instant messaging
  • presence information and audio
  • video and Web conferencing.
  • CRM Click to dial and Screen Popping

CDI Comms Ltd is a leading Telecommunications Specialists offering consultation and implementation of Unified Communication solution.

Our knowledge of the industry, available technology, data networking and telecommunications systems means we are ideally placed to support your business.

Iphone SoftphoneDesk and Mobile Phones

The most powerful drivers for Unified or Integrated Communication is mobile integration,

this enables a mobile employee to be added to the system as an extension. This will then allow them to call transfer and put callers on hold.

As an optional service, this can allow for a full feed information back to the system so call recording and stats can be gathered if required.

Voicemail to Email

Email integration allows you to receive you voice mail direct to your mailbox. This will then allow you to play and delete voice mail whilst out the office or at your desk without touching the traditional desk phone.

Instant Messaging & Presence Information and Audio / Video Communication


With thca-express-ca-proe use of instant messaging, clients are now able to communicate even when on the phone or in meetings. Along with this IM is the opportunity to communicate via Voice or Video conferencing through the IM applications.

Within the IM application is the ability to use presence this allows you to seamlessly

show other members of staff your current availability, this includes Meetings, Busy, Absent. This can be integrated within your Exchange server and local outlook to automatically change your status depending on your calendar.

Video and Web conferencing

CDI offer the best is audio and web conferencing, this ranges from application based to hardware within boardrooms.polycom-logo-hi-res-01

Boardroom level solutions include the Polycom range of Audio Visual solutions which covers entry level to enter prise solutions.

CDI Comms – the secret to your successful connectivity.



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