CDIComms predicts: telecoms 2017

17th Dec, 2016 - in Uncategorized - by CDI-Andrew

When it comes to telecoms 2017 will be a fast-moving year. Not only are there advances in hardware, but telecoms systems as a whole will be far more agile, with cloud-based technology leading the way.  Here are a few highlights of what we can expect next year:


Your standard PBX hardware will move from being a box on the wall, into the server cabinet.

What does this mean?

phonelinesPBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.  Traditionally installed by telecoms companies, the PBX is the place on the wall where the telephone lines from the external telephone exchange terminate in your building, these lines are then shared to the number of extensions required by your business. Using a PBX reduces the need to have a single line for each user, as fewer lines can be shared amongst all users.  This is most typical in a non-call centre environment, where it averages out that only 35% of extensions are in use at any one time.

2017 will see a trend of these PBX boxes disappearing, and instead the phone system will operate from the server cabinet.

We are seeing a lot of traditional phone manufacturers developing their hardware to run software in a virtual server environment. This means cost-savings on IT hardware implementation. Virtual Servers are the preferred solution of IT departments due to the ability to have “free” Virtual Servers on Windows Server 2012R2.

Benefits for you:

Flexibility of installations

Reduced costs of ownership

Reduced support costs, offering remote-access support.

Resilience due to virtual servers that can be imaged and reloaded in a matter of minutes.


SIP Trunks are in growth mode.

SIP trunks are internet-based telephone lines.  Rather than a hard-wired line, calls are now going online and through The Cloud.

Find out more about SIP Trunks here:

Benefits for you:

Cost savings


Read more about SIP Trunks HERE (LINK)


Unified Communications – UC Pro

Forget about trying to juggle all your devices in order to communicate.  The UC Pro system, (in our opinion, the best unified communication system around) pulls together all your communications into one intelligent interface.   Mobile calls, landline calls, texts, emails, video-chat, even faxes can now be accessed and managed via your UC Pro screen. (See our review on UC Pro here)

CDI expect big developments in the coming year with even more Mobile UC integration with a built-in sip client.

Benefits for you:

Faster working

More joined-up communications

Ease of tracking and filing communications

Smoother, added professionalism


Home working

Of course all the above are going to impact greatly on home-working.  Not only is the home-working revolution a useful means of providing work-life balance, it is excellent for cost-reduction, being a greener business and offering flexibility to both clients and staff.

For more about home-working and remote-working – read our article here:

We predict that home-working is going to snowball in growth over the coming years, and that 2017 with the ever-easier access to great comms-tech, home-working will start to become the norm rather than the exception.